Our Service

Lou’s Foods is a B2B warehouse & distribution center, who does not sell product directly to the consumer. We do not sell product directly to the consumer as our products are primarily sold in mixed pallet quantities. 

For more information, contact us at: (714) 528-8500  OR Please E-Mail us at:  Sales@Lousfoods.com 

 The Lou’s Foods “SUPPLY CHAIN” Advantage:

Since 1972 Lou Misterly Food Sales Inc, aka “Lou’s Foods”, has been one of the most sought out independent DSD “Mixed Pallet” food suppliers throughout the Western US. We optimize our high volume purchase power to purchase large volumes of great selling “Private Label’ & some nationally branded foods that consumers love. Our Southern California warehouse and supply chain hosts hundreds of different “Top selling”, value priced foods, that value conscious consumers are looking for. The products that we select are high quality, great quantity, foods that are sold to “Grocery retailer”, wholesalers, Brokers, Big Box stores, & some institutions at (“LOW, LOW Case Prices) as well as rock bottom Multiple Pallet & Truck load Prices. 

By combining innovative  procurement, efficient logistics, merchandising and new technology solutions, Lou’s foods can help its customers drive their competitive advantage by empowering them to buy minimal case quantities of a mixture of our warehoused foods, that meet their retail store needs. The system that has worked so effectively for us over the past forty plus years, is to help customers within our demographic, purchase smarter. With FOB 25 case minimum orders, or DSD Pallet deliveries to all (11 Western United States) retail locations, we have solutions for every grocery & retail business, large or small.

Our proven sales, concept has given our customer’s the power to provide quality foods at low, low “consumer shelf prices” year in and year out!

Full-service logistical warehousing. Affordable storage & Logistics compliment our retail sales & distribution business model. With over 38,000 sf & 24 foot (4) rack high stacked storage bins, we possess significant space to house & manage a variety of canned, packaged, boxed & BULK foods. We also store, dried herbs & ingredients, for product manufacturers as well as products that require special handling & logistics. 

Map of our LTL-DSD services

  • 4 inside dock high loading docks, + inside loading ramp
  • Pallet quantity storage
  • Mixed Pallet deliveries
  • Order fulfillment & Shipping
  • Pick, Pull, Stack & Wrap 
  • Cross Dock & Container service
  • Accurate orders & Billing
  • Experience staff 
  • Automated inventory control

 During our “Forty+ Year history”, we can proudly boast that we successfully held the only “outside food purchase” sales & supply program to the former (I.B.C “Hostess Brand”) bakery outlet stores, throughout all eleven western states and Alaska. Our closely scrutinized DSD logistics & carefully thought out product selection is designed to build specialize products around our customers needs. We currently represent a number of private label manufacturers and suppliers and continue to evolve over time.  The long relationship that we once held with Hostess shows our “Loyalty & Commitment” to our customers.